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Leasing Information

Century Court looks forward to welcoming you as a resident in our student community. To allow you to complete the lease process, the Lease Contract, Lease Addendum, and Community Policies are available for download as PDF’s. You will need to print all of these documents as your signature is required on each. In addition, you must complete the Resident Compatibility Form to assist us in matching you to a suitable roommate.

All incoming students who are living on campus will be required to provide verification of vaccination against bacterial meningitis or provide a signed affidavit declining the vaccination.
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Note the following checklist:

  • Review the Floor Plan & Rates data thoroughly and select your preferred unit type.
  • Remember that if you are under the age of 23, you MUST provide a guarantor. Your Guarantor’s signature is required in Part IV of the Lease Contract.
  • Incomplete or false information on your Lease Contract will prohibit your application for being processed. Be sure you sign page one and two of the Lease Contract and obtain your guarantor’s signature on page three. Both of you must sign the last page of the Lease Addendum. Century Court also requires a photo ID of both the resident and the guarantor to be submitted.
  • If you wish to pay your deposit and application fee by check, you may include your personal check with your mailed-in application packet. If you prefer, you may use our Secure Credit Card Payment Form, however, there will be a $30.00 charge per transaction for residents who pay by credit card.
  • Most importantly, please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions regarding your lease options.
  • Mail your Lease Contract, Lease Addendum, Community Policies, Resident Compatibility Form and Verification of Vaccination Against Bacterial Meningitis with all required signatures and initials to Century Court (Attention: Leasing Office), 5800 Jupiter Road, Plano, Texas 75074.
  • See you soon at Century Court!